Introducing My Beautiful Babies

Blog / Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

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Now it’s time to introduce my amazing fur babies. Chico, my son, and Lily, my daughter. They are the reason I get out of bed every morning. And they inspire me every day to be a better person. They are both adopted and I am so grateful to have them in my life. They’re why I do what I do. And they’re also the reason that I’m so committed to making sure every dog, has a safe and loving home.



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Chico: Roughly 6 years old Australian Kelpie mix. He came into my life when a friend found him trying to cross one of the busiest freeways in Arizona, in the middle of Summer. His pads were completely gone and all he wanted was love. They pulled over their car and he hopped right in. They would have loved to keep him but, unfortunately, Chico didn’t get along with their other dogs. He was chipped when they found him, but when they called, they didn’t seem interested in him at all. They said that they had sold them to someone else, and gave us some bogus contact information. But they did tell us a little bit about him. Like his age and his breed. At the time because he was chipped, if they would have taken him to the humane society, he almost definitely would have been put down. So they reached out on Facebook to see if anyone would want to adopt this sweet boy and I happily obliged.

The first day I met him, he didn’t bark when we came to the door and instantly, when I went in, he immediately walked over to me. Sat in my lap. And rested his head into my chest. And I’ve been in love with him ever since. My first child, my son. He has brought me through so many rough times the three years he’s been in my life, and he brings me nothing but joy and love.
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We had a rocky beginning though, with getting him to trust people again. I’m sure he was abused or mistreated at some point in his life, just based on the reactions and mannerisms he had the first few months of us being together. He didn’t like tall and husky men wearing sunglasses. He wouldn’t let anyone come near me on our walks. He absolutely hated getting yelled at and would instantly army crawl over to you in the most heartbreaking fashion. He always looked so scared that something bad was coming after the yell. He didn’t get along with other dogs, and he was just very on edge about the strangest little things. Although we had a lot to work through, he was the sweetest little angel.
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He has always thought he was a lap dog even when at one point he weighed almost 80lbs. He loves pets and attention more than anything in this world. And he is such a great cuddler. He is the least food driven dog I have ever met. I have to talk him into eating every day because he just doesn’t care. We have a ritual of “Good morning, I love you, eat your breakfast so your sister doesn’t eat it.” Along with many other pleads and tricks to get him to eat. Eventually he gives in. He’s funny when you’re petting him though. If you stop at any point he’ll just get up, walk away from you, and stare you down like you just broke his heart. He has such a personality and is definitely a grumpy old man sometimes. You can’t touch him while he’s sleeping, or he’ll legitimately scoff at you and roll away. He loves to be brushed and will stand so still for you all day if you’d keep going.
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When we first got him he was surprisingly well trained. He didn’t chew up anything or get into anything. He wouldn’t go into the trash or destroy any of his toys. He would go lay down anytime someone was eating, and would wait to come back over until they were done. He didn’t beg and the only time he would bark in the house, was if he thought there was an intruder. (Which in an apartment, everyone passing by the window was an intruder) But, now that I’ve had him for a few years and he knows I would never hurt him, he’s definitely started slacking in the listening department. We’ve lived with a few dogs that weren’t very well trained, and he picked up all kinds of bad habits from them. So I’m slowly starting to break him of those.
I spent a lot of years working with him to be better around other dogs. We would sit in the grass at the apartments we used to live in, and I would give him treats. Use my baby voice. And give him so much attention, anytime a person or another dog would walk by. And slowly but surely, it worked. Now he likes most dogs as long as they’re not in his house. He prefers small dogs, or female dogs. And he is such a flirt and has to be the manly man in charge. But now I can take him on walks and not have to worry about it. And he actually enjoys playing with other dogs. I just really think whoever raised him, never brought him around other dogs and just left him in the backyard by himself all the time.

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I’ve definitely seen him come out of his shell even more though, since we got his sister. He loves to chase her around the yard, and frolicks around like he’s a puppy again. He can get a little rough with her sometimes, but he is a very good big brother. He’s not the best babysitter though, he never stops her from getting into things she shouldn’t haha
He was also surprisingly good with her when we first got her. She was so tiny next to him, and messed with him constantly. And we only had a couple instances where he got a little too rough with her. But, they both learned their limits really fast. And I’m so proud of him for how well he dealt with not being an only child anymore.  He definitely still has plenty of jealous moments. But mommy makes sure he still gets just as much attention.
 pitbull, bulldog, puppies, dogs, fur babies
I won’t lie though, I am a little harder on him. Mostly because I know that he knows better. We still have to work on reversing all the bad habits he picked up. But, he was so patient with me when we first got him. That it’s only fair that I’m just as patient with him now. It’s like he’s going through another toddler phase. Sometimes it’s adorable. And sometimes you just want to put him in time-out for as many minutes as his age.
But, I could talk about him all day. He’s the most perfect son I could ever ask for, and I am forever
grateful for the universe bringing us together. I’m so proud to be his mom. He has come so far, and I’m so glad that I got to show him what being loved really means.
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Lily: Oh my pretty little Princess Lily, born January 6, 2017. She’s an 11 month old American Bulldog – Pitbull – Australian Sheppard mix and she is the love of my life. I got Lily when she was 7 weeks old by a very interesting turn of events. A friend of a friend, accidentally had puppies. And my beautiful best friend decided she would help her out and take one for herself. Naturally, being the dog lover I am, I went with her to help her pick one out. We decided on the chunkiest, softest one, that was completely content sleeping the whole time.
She slept in my arms the whole way home, through our multiple Petsmart stops, and a few stops to show her off to some friends. She was such a sweet little angel. But when we got her home, we found out that she had been sleeping all day because her tummy hurt and as soon as we got her home she threw up all the food that she had eaten hours before, at the house we got her from. Still in completely solid pieces.
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So this house we got her from had like 5 big pit bulls and then all of these puppies. The inside of the house was nice, and clean. But, the backyard where all the big dogs were, was trashed. It was all rocks and there was garbage, beer bottles, cigarettes, anything you can think of, just lying around everywhere. Definitely not something that I would want to live in, and especially not great conditions for dogs to be living in. At least in my opinion. And not all of the dogs got along either. Which is also not a healthy environment for them to be in.
But, the parents of the puppies were beautiful. Mom was deaf, and half American Bulldog, half Pitbull. And Dad was such a little stud, half American Bulldog, half Australian Sheppard. They were both so sweet and they loved their babies. I wish I could have taken all of them. They were just the sweetest little family of fur babies.
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Then we found out that the owner of these dogs had already started giving the puppies solid food at not even 6 weeks old, not watered down or anything. And that’s why Lily’s stomach hurt so bad. So we definitely changed that when we got her home. Her poor belly couldn’t digest all that yet, and she couldn’t even chew up the pieces all the way either. We also noticed, once she started feeling a little better, that she kind of walked a little funny. Kind of at a diagonal and she wagged her butt when she walked, like a Boxer. But I’ll talk about that some more in just a bit.
So after a week or so of my best friend having Lily, her family convinced her that having a puppy wasn’t the best decision for her right now. And to top it off her two big dogs weren’t loving the puppy either. So she was going to give her back to the family that she got her from. Now, I’ve never been one to want a puppy. I’ve always just wanted to adopt adult dogs, because puppies always find homes so fast. But, when I found this out, I had already fallen in love with her, and I just couldn’t let her go back to that house that we had got her from. So, Lily (then her name was Cleo) became my very first daughter. We renamed her Lily after my ex’s sister, and also because I always wanted to name my daughter Lilith, from some mythology stories I had always loved. She instantly became one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me.
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She is the sassiest, most loving, beautiful little girl in the world. She was such a Houdini when she was a baby. She could get out of (and get into) anything. Even when she weighed like 7 pounds. I didn’t originally want to crate train her, because my big dog isn’t crate trained. But, I realized quickly that I had to, after I came home to a destroyed house one too many times. She figured out how to scale the baby gate at 9 weeks old, and she could reach things off any counter and shelf not too long after that. So, naturally, I decided to start crate training her. Which was so heartbreaking at first. But she learned to love it. It’s definitely her safe place now and she goes in there all on her own. That definitely saved me having to replace way too many things over the past, almost, year.
As she kept growing (way too fast I might add) and getting older, I really starting noticing her funny walk. So I brought it up to her vet, and he concluded that she had something where her brain wasn’t sending the right signals to her legs all the time. He said it really wasn’t going to cause her any harm. I’m just going to have a very special little girl haha

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I love watching her grow and we’ve had so many funny and sweet moments together. She definitely has the signature “Pitbull head tilt” down and she has an attitude just like her Mama. She talks back to me all the time, and I absolutely have arguments with my 11 month old puppy. She was so mad at me when I got her fixed. And their Instagram (@lilyandchico) has the death glare pictures to prove it.
The older she gets the more spots she gets, and the more her “eyeliner” spots around her eyes change. When she was a baby she was completely white. And now she has spots on her face, and they keep getting bigger. And she has has little spots all over her belly. She’s unbelievably soft, like a feather, and her fur is surprisingly thick for her breed. I’m really hoping that helps prevent as many skin problems that white dogs (especially her breed) normally have.
dogs, puppy, pitbull, bulldog, australian kelpie, rescue
She’s the biggest ball of energy, and also, just like her mom, she gets her biggest bursts of energy right at bed time. She loves to run, full speed, in circles, for no reason. And she loves picking on her brother. She still hasn’t figured out that he’s bigger than her and he can do some damage. Or she just doesn’t care. She’s incredibly stubborn so who knows. She’s also way too smart for her own good. She knows exactly what she should, and shouldn’t be doing. But I still haven’t figured out the right punishment for her to out weigh how much fun she’s having. She’ll look right at you when she’s doing something wrong, like “I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but I’m going to do it anyway Mom.” She’s can be a brat, but I wouldn’t change her for the world.
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Eventually I want to get her into some more formal training (mostly I’m the one that needs the training) because she could probably rule the world if she was a little more disciplined. Luckily, unlike her brother, she is incredibly food driven. So, so far, she’s pretty easy to train. But, because she’s so food driven, she has to have a special maze type plate so that she doesn’t just inhale all her food right away. She’s definitely made herself sick a few times by eating too fast. And she needs to be distracted a little longer so she doesn’t try to finish her brother’s food for him. She’s incredibly respectful now though. She lays by her bowl when she’s done eating, and patiently waits for her brother to be done and walk away, so she can go over and lick his bowl clean. I did have to put Lily on the other side of the counter recently though, so Chico couldn’t see her while he was eating. He couldn’t handle her death glare anymore waiting for him to finish eating haha
puppy, white dog, pitbull, bulldog, rescue
But I could also talk about Lily all day. And her love for people, and destroying her toys, and playing with her brother. How excited she gets every time someone walks through the door. And how she beats me up with her love on a daily basis. My little lady changed my life, and her and her brother have definitely given my life meaning. I strive to give them the best life I possibly can, and I’m so happy we get to spend the rest of our lives together.
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My dogs are my life. I would and will do anything for them. They are my little furry children and I love them more than life itself. And I’m sure, through all the posts I’m probably going to be making about them, you’ll grow to love them too.
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Have a beautiful day my lovely people.

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