FAQ / Disclosures

This policy was last updated 09 December 2017

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. For questions about this blog, please contact Hailey Gehre at haileyrose@barkingbeautyblog.com.

This blog’s sole purpose is to express my opinions, suggestions, or views on topics that relate to me. Although I am a Licensed Beauty Professional, any advice or suggestions taken from this blog, you take at your own risk. I am not liable for any injury, damages or incidents that may occur from my discussions on this blog. I cannot properly give you my advice or opinion on your hair or situation without actually having you as a client (physically) in my salon.

With that being said, I do not intend on talking about anything that could cause anyone any injury or harm. I do have extensive knowledge on Beauty chemicals, and licensed products, but I won’t be talking about anything that I don’t feel comfortable with everyone being able to do at home. I wholeheartedly believe that any permanent changes to your hair, skin, and nails should be done by a Licensed professional, and should never be attempted yourself at home. I.E. Coloring your own hair, changing the structure of your hair (such as a perm), cutting your own hair, etc.

This blog is written with the intention to give readers a peak into my side/view of the beauty industry and life. This blog isn’t intended for you to become a beauty professional in your home. I am all for education and answering questions. But, I do believe that we have Cosmetology Licenses for a reason. I am trained extensively in how to not spread disease or hurt people while doing my craft. And I expect you to receive the same training if you intend to do anything that you need a license to legally perform.

I am a Licensed Cosmetologist in the state of Arizona, and I still work behind the chair in a Salon as my sole source of income. I do intend on having this blog become another source of income eventually, and I will let you know, when and if, I ever have any paid sponsors, ads, endorsements, or affiliates. As of right now, everything on this blog is completely of my own free will and not because of any paid incentives. I am currently not receiving any money from this blog.

If and when that ever happens, I promise that any views or opinions expressed on any products or companies in this blog, are my 100% honest view on them by my own experience. I will never recommend anything just because someone’s paying me to do so. I pride myself in being truthful and upfront with everything I do in life. Every product on this page will have my complete and honest opinion about them no matter the compensation for that product being on this page.

If I say I love something, genuinely believe that I do. Any product I talk about on this page is either something I’ve used in the salon, or on myself. All of the products I talk about on this page, I’ve received education on from the companies themselves at some point in my career. There are plenty of products I’ve used over the years that I don’t like, and I will never recommend any of them to you.

My goal is to be completely open, honest, and sincere with everything that I write. I will only ever write about my actual opinions on things. And I will never talk about things just to persuade you to buy them. My view on clients and products has always been just to educate people on the products I love and that I think they will love too. Not to just get someone to buy something, just because I want them to buy something.

(Just to reiterate, I will never suggest products that I haven’t actually used, and that I don’t like.)

I want everyone on this blog to have fun. Maybe learn something new. And possibly even change your views on something you already have an opinion on. Everything on this page has good intentions. I love you all and please let me know if you ever have any questions or concerns. This page will be updated accordingly as things change.

Please if you use anything on this page, tag me accordingly. I do not give my permission to anyone using any of my content unless properly accredited. I do not claim ownership of any product image on this page. The majority on the product images that I use are from the companies themselves. And I’m using them with the sole purpose of promoting their company. Every company I talk about on this page is worth you looking into. Any pictures of Lily, Chico, or Myself are my pictures alone. Please do not use those photos without my permission.

Thank you so much for visiting!


Hailey Gehre